23 November 2011

Back to my old tricks

I now have Google translator on my blog since I have a few "friends" from the Netherlands who stop by on a fairly regular basis. I also just bought myself my combination (birthday, Christmas and every other occasion) gift of the year. It's a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 It's lots of fun and makes my crutch on the internet even bigger. Love technology.

OK, my old tricks. After I finished the bed quilts and got that out of my system, I decided to start on another of the textural pices I love so much. It didn't work...
There were still a few ERICs left that needed to come out. This one is finished except for the border that will be stretched on stretchers. It's hard to see but it is fairly heavily quilted except that large area of Eric's face.
Best friends
On the heels of this one is Dreaming which I just started. The sky fabric was hand dyed by myself.

There is still another ERIC or two left. Wish I could move on but ERIC just won't let me go yet.

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  1. I just started maybe my best ERIC yet. I will work on it all day as the storm rages outside. Does it get any better than this? Photos ASAP.


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