06 May 2011

Thread sketching

I have been sketching again since I started watching DMTV.  Just the other day I was think of turning one of my sketches into a thread sketch. Wasn't I surprised to find one of the talented women whose blogs I follow did just that. Sandra from the Netherlands did some interesting sketches of a boat using three different techniques. I did a thread sketch of a raven (so what's new) and then attempted to paint the sections like Linda Kemshall does. I don't think mine came out very well. I decided to try it again but this time leave just he thread. So here are my two attempts at thread sketching.

The first I traced off my pencil sketch with water soluble pen and washed. The second I traced in pencil but haven't yet removed the pencil. I think I will continue to explore this technique more.


  1. It's fun the thread sketching. I definitely will make more of them. I'll keep an eye on your blog, think you will make more of them as well!

  2. I think it turned out really well! It is a very interesting technique.


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