25 April 2011

Clean up

I finished "Spring Flowers" and made a label for it. Now I wish I had seen the Kemshall's DMTV show about facings before I used a yard of hand dyed olive to pillowcase the quilt. I'm all set for the next one. At the same time I made a label for "Collateral Damage" but never put it on because I have never felt this quilt was done. It was the green tops of the trees that were giving me angst. Yesterday I removed all the hand dyed cheese cloth I used on the trees and knew I had to do it differently. I now love what I have done and hope to have it on the blog in a few days. I will also free motion on the strip of red silk charmeuse. Stay tuned.

A few days ago I decided to work out some ideas for "Spring Air". I finally found an excuse to use the new waterciors I bought from the DMTV store. Wow. I've never used such heavily pigmented watercolors before. Very luxurious. Anyway, I was trying to work out how to spread the billows of air out in a shape that could be hung.
This is as far as I got with my planning. I know that many times the quilt ends up looking little like the sketch but it is a start. Meanwhile I will continue tying up loose ends with "Collateral Damage" then move on to "Spring Air". I also have a series of crows I am doing as thread sketches. They should be interesting.

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