24 May 2011

First sound of my new voice

At the Jane Dunnewold workshop, I found my voice. It wasn't just what we did in the workshop but the realization of what I truly loved. I actually have three loves: portraits, ravens and crows, and color and texture.
This is the first piece in my new voice, color and texture. First let me say that it has been raining or overcast for weeks and the colors in my photo are not true. The photo does give a pretty good idea of the design elements but not of the way the colors work off each other.

I dyed a LOT of burlap, scrim, wool yarn, thread and woolen batts. The colors are horrible in the photos so I'll wait until the sun comes out and retake them as well as my first piece. I will show this first photo taken with a flash and poor color correction.

This piece of woolen batt was dyed at Vicki Jenson's dyeing workshop at ProChemical and Dye last year. I was just "getting rid" of left over dye before cleaning up for the night. When I saw how it came out I wanted to frame the piece of wool like a piece of art. I loved the colors.
In this first piece, I used all hand dyed wool, burlap and threads as well as a shell (emerging from the burlap), beads, sari yarn, and metallic threads. I love it because it's my first piece. I learned a lot making it and the colors are so scrumptious that I want to eat it. Stay tuned for more along this theme. I am going to also incorporate dyed and batiked silks in my work.
Newer pictures with slightly better light:


  1. I adore these! You have not only found a voice, you have found a magnificent one!

  2. I am loving your new voice! Keep on going. I'm loving this!


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