15 April 2011

I'll never be a successful documenter

  This past weekend, the FIVE took a workshop from Wen Redmond on "Digging into digital printing". For the first time in so long I can't even remember when, I carefully saved samples and documented every step of each variety of medias both substrates and grounds. I came home and neatly placed everything in a plastic folder and placed it carefully on the shelf for future reference.

Today I decided to dye ONE piece of fabric for the back of my spring flowers quilt (a.k.a. Spring nine patch - see below). I was very excited about the wonderful olive green and used a turquoise sponge to wipe up a spill. OLIVE AND TURQUOISE! I made many trips up the stairs for more and more fabric, making turquoise with blue and black, then turquoise with golden yellow, then one with even more golden yellow. Then I thought "What if I take the fabric out of the dye after an hour (I used scalding hot water to mix the dyes) and add more fabric to the partially exhausted dye"? Or what if I use full strength dye in one pot and watered down dye in another?

Well, I am about to do the wash out now. My measurement of dye powder was haphazard. How much water did I add to each pot? What exactly did I do to which? I guess my commitment to documentation has fallen by the wayside. I guess when the muse is dancing there is no time for writing, at least in my studio...


  1. Beautiful colors I love the fabrics. I also did friday a dye fabric workshop. Tomorow its on my blog.


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