29 July 2010

Zac's naming ceremony

My son and daughter-in-law asked me to design a graphic for my new grandson, Zac's, baby naming ceremony in Malta. A few days after the invitation I awoke at 2:30am seeing the finished design. This is it:

The black background is the color of creation. It also is a visual for infinity. The four directions are from the sacred hoop or medicine wheel. East is yellow the direction of birth, dawn, the direction of the infant. South is red the direction of adolescence, a time to grow away from parents and prepare to take adult roles. West is black the direction of the adult, the time of accumulating knowledge and learning to truly know yourself. North is white, the direction of the elder when knowledge is sifted into wisdom and enlightenment. A time to wear the white crown. The fifth direction is green, the earth below, our Mother who gives us life and support the life of our two legged, four legged, winged , swimming and green brothers and sisters. The sixth direction is blue for Father Sky above, the heavens that hold the stars. The seventh direction is gold, like the sunshine of the spirit, it is within our heart, the part of the hoop that intersects eternity. This is where the Creator lives, within our heart and where we are connected to all creation. The outer circle of dots represent Zac's ancestors and the inner circle are those on earth committed to caring for and guiding Zac while on earth.
I believe he has a special purpose on earth and he is very fortunate to have the parents he is entrusted with. I believe they are uniquely able to give him the guidance he needs.

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