24 July 2010

shells along the beach

Remember the silk quilt I dyed in gradated blues with a sun and waves? Well, I was a bit disappointed with the outcome but decided to revisit that inspiration. I had painted with dye a piece of cotton when I did the silk  just because I had leftovers and I'm too thrifty to waste good thickened dye. I took the painted fabric, added a sun out of a beautiful orangy yellow and red parfait dyed piece surrounded that with chicken scratch in variegated yellow/orange. I had painted on fusible web and ironed 4 squares on the central section and stamped 2 hand carved stamps of a scallop and nautilus and silk screened two other nautilus motifs to the other squares. On the lower section I free motioned waves and on the lowest portion small rock shapes then attached medium dark blue tulle, stitched it into pockets and added rocks from my beach, stitched that shut and added shells, closed and added sea glass.

Outside (too bright but you can see the shells) and inside with a flash.

The sun and the nautilus

I like!

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