09 March 2010

“Avery Note Tab” Stencil

I received a sample of these Avery Note Tabs in the mail. The minute I touched them I said, “Stencil”. These note tabs are made of heavy slightly textured plastic to receive marks from pens or pencils and the reverse side has a tacky repositionable film. They hold pretty firmly to paper and to fabric as well and even after 20 uses and washings remain pretty tacky and very usable.
To create a stencil I use a piece of beveled glass that I've had for almost 40 years and use as a pallet, an X-acto knife and the Avery Note Tabs. I bought these at Staples where they are a buy one get one free item right now.

Next I made a copy of a leaf image from the internet and placed the note tab over the image

I used a pencil to trace the outline of the leaf onto the note tab

I removed the note tab from the paper and adhered it to the glass plate. I cut out the shape using and X-acto knife, rotating the glass for ease of cutting.

I lifted the leaf shape from the center of the stencil. I save these in case I want to do a negative impression (a resist) at some time in the future.

I place the stencil on fabric although it can be used on many substrates.

I pour some paint on my glass plate and use a “pouncer” to sponge paint on the stencil. The stencil can be pressed onto the substrate and there will be no “leakage”.

Then I carefully lift the stencil from the fabric.

This is the stencil after washing. I dry them in the standing position so that both sides can dry. The tacky back will remain functional.

This spiral shape stencil has been used over 20 times and it remains tacky although I have to really press it firmly onto fabric. I have had no leakage even after 20 uses. Of course just like tape, these note tabs can get “fuzzies” on the back and they will eventually lose most of their tackiness.

This is the journal cover I used these stencils on. The spiral is my oldest stencil and the chinese characters are newly cut and used once.

I store my stencils by adhering them to the side of the wooden bookcase.

Hope this lights the fire of creativity in you. Happy stenciling.


  1. Fabulous idea! I am on my way to the Augusta Staples!

  2. What a great find! Thanks for sharing this. I want to try it after a trip to Staples too!


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