30 November 2020

Jean's floor cloth


I think I've mentioned Jean and I have been learning how to make floor cloths from Marcella who has been making amazing ones for year. So far we "practiced" on a 18 X 36 piece, painting samples on both sides. We also did a design on a maybe 5 ft by 24" as well.

 It's getting late in the "pandemic" year and we probably won't see each other for a while now so Marcella came over and she showed us how to complete the floor cloth  "hem". Jean took this and the unfinished one home to finish and will do the triple coats of poly as well.

The green side below is the finished piece.


  1. Floor cloths! Another way to experiment and make marks!

    1. After 3 floor cloth trials we were pretty well done with floor clothes.


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