20 August 2020

Jean "making lemonade from lemons"


According to Jean! 

Jean made each of us a prezzie from collages she made which she considered "lemons". We didn't but we gladly accepted the gifts. I know some of the parts were sewn and I''m assuming, some glued.

Inside each "house" was a little prezzie

Jean said

"if you are planning to post the photo of the sea urchin on your blog, credit goes to Chris Leith.  She is an incredibly talented weaver/quilter/crafter and a good friend." 

Thanks Jean for your generous gifts and giving credit from teachers/friends.


  1. Ce idee interesanta! Ce cadou frumos! Felicitari Jean!!

    1. Isn't she wonderful...and creative too!!

  2. OMG!! Little Houses, I love them!! Part of Jean's artistry is her generosity! I loved the Lemons!!!


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