10 August 2020

Ernest Wright Scissors

Many years ago I learned about Ernest Wright, the last hand made scissor artisans in the world. They are located in Sheffield, England. I bought two pairs of dressmaking shears before they went out of business. A few years later they we bought and re-opened by a German man who valued hand craftsmanship. He has really brought the company into the 21st century.

They came across of half century old steel blanks and decided to make them into functioning scissors. There were general purpose scissors and quilting and embroidery scissors.

 General purpose scissors

Quilting and embroidery scissors and 10" shears


  1. Scissors are a brilliant invention!!! And they don't ruin the environment! My mom had big black scissors, but I never got the hand of them...One of my favorite new-fangled inventions is the Snipper! Love it!! And of course, the roatary cutter.

    1. Thank God for rotary cutters and snippers. My thumb joints are backwards so cutting has always been hard and the thumb hole makes my hand go numb! I can do a few cuts but not for any amount of time.


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