19 December 2019

Working on a bed quilt for Brian

The dogs (all three) love to lay around on Brian's bed. They like it "fluffy" so they dig into it to fluff it up a bit. We call is digging to China. The quilt died a peaceful death and now lives in the garage in case anyone needs a padded blanket for moving furniture.

He likes pink. When I took a workshop about 5 years ago we were told to dye every color fabric. I dyed 36 half yards in three values - that's 108 half yards. I used parts of about 5 for the workshop. Needless to say I have a lot of pink fabric I will probably never use so.......

I cut up A LOT of fabric into 5 inch wide strips. I also cut 2 pieces of commercial fabric that had pink or lavender in it.

I sewed these together into strips, rows and eventually a 50 X 54" square

I also tore 44" wide half yard pieces into 15" X 44" for borders

Then I pinned and quilted it. 

More to come


  1. Love the how to process and the close ups!! So prretty, a color celebration!


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