02 December 2019

My first attempt at a rope bowl

When Marcella, Jean and I were playing, I dyed this cotton clothes line in indigo. Jean had made me a fabulous rope bowl "like" this but much nicer. I wanted to give it a try. Marcella had my Brother threaded with denim colored thread so I went for it. I don't know why (maybe stitches too far apart) but my bowl is loose and easily distorted. Jean's bowl is perfect


  1. It's beautiful, Beth! My first attempts were looser and wobbly but I learned to work at holding the 2 ropes together as I stitched over them. I use #2 stitch length and the widest zigzag, which on my machine is #5. The more you do, as the saying goes. And adding a stiffener after the bowl is done can help too... have fun!

    1. Thanks for that Judy. THIS one was (is) wobbly and I had no idea why. I will try your suggestions.

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