18 April 2019

The Pastel Pencil Saga

I have been taking that charcoal pencil online workshop (earlier post) and decided to try out some pastel pencils. I found some on Amazon for $77. for the set of 72. What a deal. All the other sellers were selling them from $124. to over $200. I put them in my cart and before I could check out the price jumped to $95. I was really upset. They changed the price while they were in my check out cart. I called and complained that they had upped the price AFTER I had added it to my cart. They gave me a $20. off coupon so I bought the set. This is what they looked like when they came.

Not just that they were crushed but they were mailed in a pristine box. In other words, this is how they left the sellers.

I returned them immediately and re-ordered and this was the second set

Yeah. Now I was really upset. I called Amazon and told them this was the way the pencils left the seller since both shipping boxes were in perfect condition. I returned them and just asked for my money back. I then ordered the 36 set for $51. since the 72 set was now $124. That was yesterday and today the 36 set arrived FAST.

Color me happy with pastel pencils. Now on to YouTube for some expert instructions!!!


  1. Wow, black marks for amazon! At least the smaller set came intact, and bet you have lots of fun with them!

    1. They also came from a different vendor!

  2. Sometimes shopping tries my patience...I've had to return some fountain pens, but those errors were manufacturers'. You are happy with your new Derwents!


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