03 December 2018

Play date with Marcella

I had made a bag from some indigo shibori from an extremely heavy canvas laundry sack. I had a bit of the dyed canvas left over and Marcella wanted to make a bag for herself. We left the raveled edge on the bottom and added a leather handle. Very robust.  

As I was cleaning up I found a bit of scrap canvas and wondered what I could make out of it. This was it!!

After I added a slim strip of leather folded over and glued to the pull.

As promised, here is an entire quilt made from mini-quilt squares.


  1. What fun projects! Your quilt is so colorful and cheery... makes me want to dig into my stash, but that will have to wait awhile. Meanwhile, I am enjoying all the great things you are doing! Thanks for the inspiration...

    1. Thanks Judy. Now that I know how popular my landscapes are I will do more.

  2. Hmmm....Very familiar!! People should see the wonderful stitching too! I'm a lucky girl....

    Here's a new project for you: a padded pen carrying case. They are very hard to come by. I can show you a model. Will post it when I do my fountain pen post.

  3. Always a creative time when we get together! This bag goes with me everywhere!


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