06 December 2018

new landscape series

Remember the landscape mini from the last post?

I liked it so much I did some (very) rough sketches for new work. Then last night I was watching "The Heart Guy" from Australia and they flashed to this screen.

I whipped out my camera and took a photo of the TV. I love this landscape. It set me off in search of techniques to use to get what I wanted. I just received my copy of Textile Landscape by Cas Holmes and she mentioned disperse dyes and colographs. Then I started a full blown search and obtain mission looking for my disperse dyes which I think I used no less recently than 5 years ago and that is generous. After hours of searching I found them.  

The small containers are the dye powder and the larger bottles are dye I mixed up at least five years ago. Well, the only way to tell if they worked was to try them.

I wanted green so I mixed up some yellow and blue and painted a sheet with all black and a sheet with trees and the rest solid green.

They still worked. The painted paper can be used over and over again. I also want to make a colograph of a stand of tree similar to the ones in disperse dye. More about that later as well as how well I am able to use these in my work. 

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  1. Interesting! I've never used disperse dyes... what is the fabric you are working on? Are these easier to use than procion mx for the type of work you will be doing? Looking forward to seeing your results as you go along.

    1. Disperse dyes are only for polyester fabrics. I printed the trees with the disperse dyes and a hot iron on polyester interfacing. The I cut around the tree tops then painted it all with goldenish high flow acrylics. I can actually think of a dozen ways to have done it easier now (shesh).
      I sold these two before the art sale even started ( online). I will be doing a lot more of these landscapes.


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