19 November 2018

More Zip Bags

Marcella wanted to learn to make a zip bag so we made this one while she was visiting. It had appliqued circles and is quilted.

I love these two fabrics so I made this lined

I painted this zipper to match then accidentally zipped the tab right off the zipper. I ended up with a white zip but it is hidden by the flap.

This one is batiked linen.

It has the same watermelon fabric as a lining with all seams hidden.

And last but not least, an indigo dyed batik. I love this bag lined with yellow to make seeing inside easier.

Dyed and quilted

A splurge of fifty 16" zippers!!!!

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  1. I admire you, what beautiful things you did.

    1. Thank you Carmina. It was a personal challenge but when done I loved doing it.

  2. They're great! You two are a couple of bag ladies, with zip! ;-)

  3. Yay for Zip Bags!! Each one seems alive with a personality of its own!


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