14 November 2018

Flora from the UK


Three below are a Monkey Tree

Smiling apple


  1. Thank you for sharing all the fun photos from your trip. I really enjoyed getting a different view. Seeing special places is great, but it is the little details, the 'pocket surprises', that really bring the wonder of a new place to life. The feel of palm tree bark in Florida, the clean smell and amazing seed pods of a sweet gum tree in Indiana, silky sand hiding tiny plant fossils like old beads on the shore of southern Lake Michigan, round rolly stone beaches on Lake Superior, the smell of eucalyptus trees and fibrous springy redwood bark in California - these things live in my memory long after the "big" things fade to photographs. Thank you for sharing the UK.

    1. Thanks Flora. My fave by far was the monkey tree. I totally freaked out when I saw it. It reminded me of some pre-historic plant with scales. My son who lived in the UK for about 8 years told me what it was. I also loved the smiling apple.


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