08 December 2015


This is old fabric I made last year but I thought I would trot it out again since these were prints done directly from leaves onto fabric. Nice!

This is similar to prints I made about 5 or 6 years ago. I used tiny pieces of packaging tape to create an image like tiny mosaic tiles but in tape (smile)

Below is the oil based ink which makes tar look like a stroll in the park both in application and mess

Ink applied to the card board and tape "printing plate". It was applied with a credit card (not easily) and removed with balled up newspaper.

First two prints from my pasta machine printing press. Card board print plate all inked up. soaked and blotted heavy rag paper and a quilt batting cover. Roll'em boys!

I printed them two by two.

By the time I got to the last 2 prints, the tape was starting to curl and come off the print plate. Not to mention the amount of work to ink up and wipe off the plate each printing. Phew! I'm done

Aren't these really beautiful? 

Below is the plate which really is a treat for the eyes.


  1. love this technique! so original!

  2. roll out the pasta! great prints

  3. Looking at the crow print, I never would have guessed how it was made. That and the challenges with the technique make those crows very special indeed.

  4. It is a very interesting and original idea ...great prints!

  5. It's a stunning effect and an incredible technique. I would never have thought of using a pasta rolling machine as a printing press.

  6. Love the detail! I agree that I would not have figured out how it was done. Amazing..

  7. What a greet idea, and the results are amazing


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