29 December 2015

Five more blocks

I was listening to a Stephen King book on MP3 and just sitting at my sewing machine strip sewing 18 different 2.5" wide strips of fabric. It was fun. Then I cut each of them into 2.5" wide rows. I was having such a good time listening to my book, I just stitched on and on. Here is the block. Yes, I do see the row I sewed incorrectly.

Then I still had tons of these sewn strips so I came up with this idea.

I had this beautiful batik table runner from about 6 years ago that I never used so I cut it into three 18" blocks and quilted them with a meander.

I couldn't find any of my multitude of quilting gloves so I used a plain old pair of latex gloves. They gripped beautifully. 


  1. Wonderful idea of these strips!

  2. The batik fabrics are gorgeous! Love the colors!

  3. There IS something about batiks!!! :)

  4. Looks like they are just creating themselves...and you go with the flow of what's meant to be....

  5. It's a lovely quilt and I'm a King fan, too!


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