31 October 2014

The haul from my trip

I went to Malta for a week then Amsterdam for a week all in a small carry-on bag so room for loot was limited. I had to ask myself, "Do I really need this?"
My two splurge items were an IKEA catalog in Dutch and the book with all of Van Gogh's works in them.

I love IKEA so this was in a way of a pilgrimage. 

I also bought two organic cotton scarves, one for me and the other for Judith. This is mine.

No surprise it's purple and green (smile).

In Amsterdam on Monday's there is a fabric market. It went on for blocks and blocks like maybe a quarter mile - no kidding.

See how far you can see down that road (look at the trees and steeple in the distance)? That's how far the fabric market was set-up. I knew I couldn't afford (size and weight) to get yardage so I settled for this ribbon and a turquoise leather book.

The book had crappy paper but that kind of wasn't the idea. I ended up gluing all the various pieces of paper I accumulated on the trip into it.

As I mentioned, the best was being with Nienke and going to the museums.


  1. OMG... the fabric market would have been my undoing! You were very brave and strong to limit yourself like that!

  2. I missed the fabric market in Amsterdam.... My family did not choose that as a place to go on our one day in Amsterdam.... But next visit to my sister in law it will be #1 on my list....
    Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Sounds like you had fun!

  3. and I can see that you liked Amsterdam and of course van Gogh. This morning I have helped my grandson with a history paper for school about van Gogh.
    And with Nienke you had a good companion and tour gide.

  4. Wow, Wow, Wow!! Thanks for sharing some of your trip!!!


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