03 October 2014

Back home From the Crow Barn

I am home for a week before I go to Malta to visit my son and his family then on to Amsterdam. Before I go and leave you with pre-scheduled posts, I just wanted to tell you what a "creative" life changing experience I had at Nancy Crow's Barn in my workshop with Terry Jarrard Dimond. I actually had no idea what this workshop would be like. I've been to workshops where the presenter showed you how to make quilts like her. I actually walked out of an expensive workshop like that.

This workshop was called Design Boot Camp and that's exactly what we learned - the principles and elements of design. Since you can simply look these up online, I am not giving away any arcane information.

Elements: Line, Shape/Form, Color, Value, Texture, Space/Perspective.

Principles: Pattern, Rhythm/Movement, Proportion/Scale,Balance, Unity, Emphasis.

Being an older person, I have been reading these elements for years but never knew how to apply them. Terry made learning so easy. Now, I'm not saying I got this right away because I didn't but I am starting to get it and see it in a "workable" way now.

We spent a lot of time doing exercises which I won't be posting but I will post the last four "fabric sketches" I made. The first two are about 20 X 20 and the last 2 about 14 X 20.

I am so looking forward to developing some ideas I have as soon as I get back at the end of October. I certainly hope I have the opportunity to study with Terry again!!


  1. Bravo. That sounds like a great experience, glad you were able to do so.

  2. So glad the workshop was a good experience, and has given you ideas to continue working with! Was great to see you again at the Barn.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! A visit to the barn is now on my bucket list, so thanks for bringing it up! Cool fabric sketches. I particularly like the second one.

  4. Excellent. I can feel your enthusiasm and it reminds me of a similar type course I took in painting. You will be applying those learned principles for evermore.

  5. Sounds wonderful, and I love what you have done so far. Go, enjoy your trip, then come back and dive in! Can't wait to see what you do with your new skills...

  6. I hear you! I'd love to take that class. She's one artist I admire very much. I recently had a similar experience in a workshop with Kerr Grabowski - I felt that it was the best thing that ever happened to me!

  7. What a lovely experiments. I think a lot of inspiration formaline quilts.

  8. Looks like the start of a great series.


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