03 July 2011

Monoprinting and bead making playdate

Here are some of the monoprints we did at the monthly meeting of the FIVE. I only have about half of the photos and Judith has the other half so check the set it on fire blob. Here are the pictures I took of my work

Here is the photo of ONE of Judith's amazing SERIES of monoprints.

And here are the photos of Charlene's pieces. She was an art teacher her entire professional life and a wonderful surface designer. She is also NOT a computer person so I am posting her pieces.
I will also start with a series of photos that how her making a print.

And these are SOME of the beads I made and the beads on the knitting needles which really didn't come out very clearly - bad lighting and bad focus.

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  1. I love your monoprintings, did you make them with the fingers? Very nice.


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