23 July 2011

Etching - sort of...

Rosalita, Judith and I watched this show on DMTV where Laura demonstrated how to make etchings, sort of. She look a piece of card stock and used various tapes to make an image, inked up the "plate" with etching ink and printed it on paper using a pasta machine.
There was a definite learning curve and it was a long process. I decided that although it was great fun to do, it was a project for a special occasion. I thought I could make sets of cards - right. It takes massive amounts of time to ink, scrape, and buff each print, so no, not cards. However, we did get some lovely prints and I think will be wonderful to commemorate a special occasion as a gift for someone but not just "casual" card making.
Here are our spoils

This first picture has all of our work on it starting at the bottom center, these are the original "plate" Rosalita made on the right bottom and her first print to the left. The far left was her second print and above that was an attempt to print on linen. On the bottom right is my "plate" of a crow, what else? and my prints. Is was a lot of work. Below are two details of Rosalita's work. The sepia print was done with oil paint instead of etching ink. Nice, hey?


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