19 February 2011

New Digs or Digs Redux

My brother came up from DC to visit. It was my parent 68th wedding anniversary. He lives a stones throw from an Ikea store and asked if I wanted him to bring anything up. He drives the only car minus the Smart Car that is smaller than mine; however his is a hatch back. He brought me up an Expedit book case/storage unit, a full bed and mattress. I also ordered two 6'3" tall, 5 shlef storage units for my "office" area. I had a ball not only putting together the Ikea units but organizing/purging my room. What a blast. Here are pictures of the outcome. It looks great but for those who have been in my studio before, you know how much more spacious it is.

 Starting at the far wall and looking down the longest wall you can see my TV (gift from brother), an empty sewing machine table, my "actve" sewing machine table, short bookcase (back to) and my desk. Straight ahead is a fabric portrait of my brother, Eric and the door to the bathroom/art gallery.
 Close up of the empty sewing machine table. I sold my Janome P1600, insert, New Joy quilt table and stitch regulator. I will eventually be getting a Janome 7700 for this table.
 This is my active table with my Brother Innov'is 4000 and my thread collection (or is that thread obsession). I did buy the entire collection (80 spools) of Madiera Lana a la the Kemshalls.
 This is my Bernina serger (old), desk (VERY old - a wedding gift to my parents from my Uncle who painted it) and my dog's bed- lower right.
 This is the end wall and business end of the studio. I've got my Epson printer, storage shelves and silk screens
 Better view of hidden shelf and silk screens. I stack my tall items in that corner.
 These are the 2 new sterilite shelves with supplies. Lots of white fabric to dye!
 This is my new bedroom space. The King bed is gone and in it's place is a full with four huge drawers built into the bed frame. That is Gabby, my dog shadow.
 You can't tell from this picture but there is a 5 foot space between my bed and this section of the room. There is my home made ironing board for ironing, printing and batiking. There are 3 storage drawer systems under the end of the desk and my Epson wide format printer. You can also see parts of the Expedit storage shelf and my green book case. Deceptively, that desk is 10 feet wide; ironing board 2'X4'
Good view of desk. I love siting under those skylights. At night I lay in bed and gaze at the stars from my bed.
 The Expedit in all it's glory.
 The other end wall. The long wall is 33 feet long and the room 23 feet wide along this wall.
 Pile of newspapers for ironing out wax, storage shelves and file cabinet in corner. This is also my cutting table.
 In front of that area is our "TV viewing" area. On the shelf behind are my art DVD's
 TV from my Brother, Eric and the door to the knee walls that run along that long wall. My son who lives outside the US stores all is mementos there not to mention some of my stuff too.
 This is looking back at the entrance from the bathroom and my bedroom storage area.
And yes, I do know how fortunate I am to have such wonderful space. I worked hard for everything I have and I'm still paying for this new section of the house. My parents live in the apartment on the floor below. I'm really grateful I could have the apartment built for them and that they are still so able at 90 (this year). They just came back from the YMCA where they went to walk the track. My dad still drives and is actually a great driver. I am daily grateful for every blessing in my life.


  1. This looks wonderful. Good for you. Maybe someday in my dreams I can get this organized. :o)

  2. What a great space you have there. Enjoy!

  3. It is a great place for FIVE to meet!

  4. Your studio is bigger than my whole house! I love it, can I move in with you? IKEA is my favorite store, I think. They put one in Charlotte a couple of years ago, which is only about 50 miles from my house. I'd love to be able to have two separate sewing stations, so I don't have to switch out the machines all the time--what a luxury.

  5. Love your studio - and your new banner!

  6. You have skylights on your bedroom! Amazing! What I love most about skylights is that they pave the way for natural light, and they give me the opportunity to stare at the clear blue skies or count the stars at the night without the need to go out.

    -Georgine Stern

  7. You have an awesome place, Beth. You work in this attic room and sleep here at the same time. What's nicer is that after a stressful day, you can just lay down in you bed, look through your skylights, and enjoy the night sky. What an awesome way to end the day, right? It's really great to have those skylights in your room as they promote relaxation.

    Arrys Roofing

  8. You have a nice attic bedroom, huh? You can do your work and take a rest there at the same time. And your bed was just under the skylights. That looks fun and relaxing. What a great way to loosen up! It's definitely a great spot to spend your break time.

    Joann  Winton @ AJC Roofing


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