27 February 2011

An Afterthought

After making all that fabric using the kemshall batik techniques, I finally put the pear design and purple and green/yellow fabric together and finished the small quilt. I used a pen (brown) to shade the pear and colored thread to do additional shading then made half square triangled to surround the pear and the tjanting fabric to bind it.

I recently bought the world ugliest coffee cup - mat black with a grey lid. I decided to make a dress for it to pretty it up a bit. The coffee cup dress is attached to itself with Velcro like a wrap. I bound it with the color catchers I threw in the washing machine for the final wash of this fabric.


  1. That certainely brightens up your mug! I like the idea of using color catchers as a binding.

  2. This quilt is so pretty, I love the purple/yellow combination. Whatever the technique for the border is called (sawtooth?), it looks great, and love how the pear turned out.

  3. They are half square triangles and the boarder is that fabric I used a tjanting to write on.


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