13 January 2011

snow storm activities

First off, I decided to do 30 dyes (LWI) of the color wheel. I used many of the ones I made earlier in the year, that would be last year, so I went from primary to secondary in 5 steps giving me 30 colors. My back was killing me so today after the wash out (3 wash outs) I SAT DOWN to do the ironing.
The processing

Three batches - 2 wet and one dried
Waiting to dry out and be put away to play another day

These were all dyed yesterday while the blizzard flew and the winds howled
While washing these out, drying and cleaning the kitchen, I mean the wet studio!, I popped a few snow dyes on my metal cloth rig and let them sit. After lunch I nuked for 4 mintes each, washed out, dried and ironed EVERYTHING. Oh my aching back!!!!! BUT what a reward.


  1. I love your color wheel gradations, once it gets a little warmer here I'm going to do some of those. When it's warm I can hang it on the line to dry and don't have to iron anything. How big are the pieces you dyed of the color gradations--they look pretty substantial!

    Your snow dyes are great--we've had snow on the ground here since Monday but it's covered with a thick layer of ice so it's not "scoopable", plus I'm a southern wimp now and it's too cold out there!

  2. Your snow dyes are beautiful!

  3. Okay, I am now officially jealous!! All your dyes are beautiful. I am going to try snow dyeing again and do it the way you do yours. See you on Monday. Can't wait to see the dyed material.

  4. I'm new to the process of snow dying and I love your results. Can you give me some tips on how to get started? What types of dye are you usinging? Do I need any special equipment or set-up?


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