06 January 2011

Playing with Rosalita

Rosalita came over today to break up a boring week. We worked on her blog and created a new email account for her. We watched a few DMTV (Linda and Laura Kemshall) programs and did a "What if?"
Here are the results:

The top pic is dyna-flow color on Habotai silk with rubbing alcohol dripped on then when we got bored watching it we added salt.
The second piece was  cranberry red dyna-flow with water and then we sprinkled on some salt. Habotai is great for experiments because it dries so quickly.

 Oh yea. I forgot I dripped a few remaining drops of midnight blue onto the pink.


  1. These look wonderful, especially the first one. I'm trying to like pinks a little more, not my favorite but the salt gives such a great look to it.


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