23 September 2010


These are some of the monoprints I have been working on. LOVE THIS! Oh yes, the process pledge! All were made by painting fabric paint on heavy poly film (4-6mm) then making marks in the paint with various tools. I used a potato masher, Afro pick. pasta grabber, egg beater. The feathers surrounding the monoprints were from a stamp I made (see tutorials). I printed on plain and dyed fabric, rags and sheer organza but placing the poly film paint side down on the fabric and smoothing with my hands. The first three had feather stamp marks in the design also.


  1. You have created some pretty fantastic fabrics to employ as design elements in your fiber journals and compositions. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Thanks Mary Helen. I just learned this technique of monoprinting using poly film. What a difference that made especially when printing on a padded surface. I've gotten clean sharp lines not the "smudge" I got when printing on glass. I am going back into two of these prints with thread for definition so stay tuned!


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