05 June 2010

A few new things

Even though my brother was visiting (telecommuting 4 hrs a day), I was still able to get 2 quilts done.
The first one is a hoot. I call it Blue Eyes and it is a self portrait.

Get it? Blue eyes? I'm still laughing.
The next is called Kitty and is a portrait of my beautiful and talented daughter Meredith's cat.

There is a LOT of thread painting on this quilt. Kitty has beaded whisker spots and a hand made (by me) ceramic bead with CAT on it.
It's been a great summertime week for a kid out of school!


  1. Oh my gosh, the kitty quilt is amazing. I have such a long way to go in terms of the way I think about thread!!

  2. This is THE MOST GORGEOUS quilt in the whole wide world. As the lucky recipient of this quilt, I can tell you that this pictures does not do it justice. The stitching on the white part of the cat looks just like fur, the swirl designs on the red are gorgeous, and Beth did not mention above that the pink fabric was hand dyed by her.

    This piece has propelled Beth into a new echelon in the rankings of top artists. (Do I sound biased?)
    Her loving daughter,


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