22 June 2010

"Dog Days" of summer

We are just coming out of an oppressively hot few days. My southern friends would be laughing at my seeming inability to tolerate even the moderate heat in Maine but 85 with high humidity and no air-conditioning is nothing to laugh about. You don't see me laughing. Today on the other hands is cooler and drier and a more appropriate "Maine summer day" altogether.

Now my dogs have fur coats not to easily removed by them. I'm too hot to give them the hair cuts they need so woe is them, poor babies. This is how they are spending their dog days of summer.

Aidan is evaporating sea water from his wet body after an early morning swim in the ocean here at Searsport beach. His is having some personal time chatting with his teddy bear. This boy doesn't look to tough to me.

Gabby was busy napping on the bed next to my chair.

She's a funny girl.

Now Niamh is never more than an arms length from Brian, her person and true love. She seems to have adopted him, or is that hijacked  him, against his will. He can't seem to shake her loose. She ADORES him.


  1. Eighty-five would be lovely for a day or two. So far, we've had unseasonably cool weather in the Pacific Northwest. I believe the thermometer might have hit 75 today at the airport.

  2. Is Niamh a Portuguese Water Dog? She sure is a cutie! And a little rascal~ just as he should be!!

    Is Searsport anywhere close to Portland? My bestest friend, Joan lives in Brunswick! My favorite vacation is when I'm able to visit her!!Maine is the best!

    Deb Myers
    Batavia, IL


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