18 January 2010


I have just uploaded all the journal quilts I have been working on over the past two weeks. If you click on Flickr photostream and do a slide show you can select full screen and really see them in detail. The felted one was done on my friend Rosalita's new needle felting machine, the cute kid one was a solvent transfer embellished with paint, floss, free motion quilting and markers. The seascape postcard was done in a class I took from Pamela Allen, a famous Canadian fiber artist. I have 5 more quilts I did while in her class. I am machine quilting the largest of them and hope to have it on Flickr soon. It was done almost exclusively with thrift store clothing. The one in purple "rugs" was an exercise in thread painting and it's called, "You're the one" I did have a ball making it.
I am working on a blog entry about a documentary. It was overwhelming for me to watch. I watched it a second time and took notes and will try to write about my feeling surrounding this documentary and the concepts presented.

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