14 September 2020

Playdate with Jean and Marcella

Jean saw a floor cloth she liked and we all decided to do some experimenting to see what designs/patterns/techniques we could cook up to make her a floor cloth for her studio. Marcella has been making and selling floor clothes for a long time so she was the go-to person for this project.

We started out painting after gessoing  in solid soft background colors

Then we applied paint using a sponge and the "chrysanthemum" tool pictured below. 

chrysanthemum tool

We didn't like the three "strips" of background even though we tried to blend them so we started over on another piece of gessoed canvas. We just used a sponge and it came out better. We still have a future playdate sent up to "improve" on the piece below by building up layers. Photos soon....

This was a second attempt. Still not there yet!

The sponge is gorgeous!


  1. I love sponge painting! Can't wait to see more of what you are doing... I'm sure you'll get it "just right" soon!

    1. We are starting phase 3 next week and we have to get an indigo dyeing day in too before snow flies.


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