25 November 2019

Play day part 2

This is a shirt Marcella gave me, front and back.

This is an old light blue shirt. I LOVE the figuring, the one wrapped in rope.

marbles and scrunched wrapped

Plexiglass discs

Vent pipe

Arashi on a PVC pipe

Long rectangles of Plexiglas

Jean let Marcella and I pick as many of these fabulous inchies she made as we wanted.
These are the ones I picked. She uses them as zipper pulls on her handmade bags.

"We laughed and enjoyed the sunshine. A good time was had by all."


  1. Love your results, and the inchies are darling! Great idea to use as zipper pulls...

    1. I loved those inchies and that was a great idea!! Thanks Jean!!


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