13 June 2019

A bed quilt

Quite a few years ago I made my partner, Brian, a yellow Quilt-as-you-go for his bed. I can't find any pictures except this one of Niamh on the bed. This is one of the reasons it needs replacing (smile).

I actually bought a kit for make a quilt but I hate traditional quilt making so much I decided to just make some half square triangle, build up a center and add something for borders to fit a double bed. The kit was a great buy just for the fabric (I think I got it half price) but I didn't like all of the colors so I just used the ones I liked. They are all solids. I cut 9" squares and got 32 half square triangles out of each fat quarter. 

I am muddling my way through this project which is beyond boring. Here are progress pictures so far.


  1. Hard to get enthused about a project when it doesn't sing to you, isn't it? I'm afraid I would be a failure at it for sure. Hope it goes by quickly!

  2. LOVE the Yellow Quilt!!! Knowing you you'll find a way to make the packaged project interesting...


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