01 July 2015

Indigo Blowout!! part 1

Friday we had a fabulous Indigo play date. It was the usual cast of characters: me, Judith, Marcella and a new artist Shameem. Now Shameem, although an artist (knitting and felting) came to the dye fest in a dress with WHITE on it. She also had a large silver bracelet and a pearl bracelet. She really resembled Sophia Loren. I will also mention after dyeing quite a few things, she left as clean as she came. What's with that?

A goldfinch just to throw you off (hehe)

Indigo vat with the "bloom" still on it

Bloom waiting in a plastic dish til we are done.

Judith's car trying to blend in with the lawn


The gang by the Art Greenhouse. Marcella (L), Judith and Shameem (R)

Our items went from the vat to the lawn to oxidize. They came out yellow and we watched as they turned chartreuse, turquoise then deep indigo.

An upside down white gauze jacket Marcella shibori wrapped.

A dress

A felted piece Shameem made.
More Friday (lots more)


  1. Love the results. I can't even keep my hands clean when dyeing, even though I wear gloves!

  2. I'm trying to figure out where I could leave mine to "cure" since I have no lawn... just lots of weeds and dirt! Guess I could set up a rack of sorts, huh? Love all your great pieces! Amazed that someone could work with dye or anything of that sort and not get splattered... my hat is off to Shameem!

  3. Beautiful. uhm, perhaps Shameem could share her secrets. LOL

  4. A wonderful indigo day!! I remember the first time I heard the name indigo, somewhere in childhood, it sounded so exotic. Now I know it is!


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