16 May 2012

Eric Returns

And yes, my brother Eric is returning next week for my mother's 91st birthday. More importantly than that I am taking an online course from Elizabeth Barton. I HATE online classes but this course couldn't be better even if it were in person. As a matter of fact, having a week to do online research, mock up, lists. photos, and general brainstorming is what has actually set this course apart from others I have taken (I mean paid for then ignored - snore). The course is through Quilt University and the title is "Working in a Series".

Eric is back and better than ever. I am planning a handful of really new and amazing Erics. The ideas just keep coming. I think you may be surprised where this course has taken me.

Well, no blog post can be enjoyed without some pictures so here are my dogs Aidan and Niamh and my soon to be asphalted driveway. These pics are of the underlayment of course gravel and rock. Tomorrow the pavers come and I will snap a few of the new driveway.
Stay tuned for some really nice new work.


  1. Great Beth! I am excited to see your new stuff! You go, girl!

  2. Lovely dugs, I think they want to be hugged.
    And can't wait to see what you have learned at Quilt University.


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