22 March 2011

new stuff

I have finally worked out how to proceed with this quilt. I was planning on making a painted sky and when I got all my materials together realized I didn't have the big sea sponge I needed. Plan B: I had some soda soak in a bucket under my kitchen cabinet (you never know when you may need some) and a bit of deep navy MX dye in a bottle.
I did what I refer to as a tray dye of this fabric.

I was very happy with the way these came out. THEN I realized I needed more to be able to make the sky without piecing. I'm now awaiting the second batch of sky...
Here are 2 stamps I made for another quilt. One is fine small grass and the stamp size is 3"X1.5"
This one was made on styrofoam insulation board with self-stickcraft foam. It's larger blades of grass but still quite small. The stamp is 1.5"X2".

The 8" of snow we got over night is almost gone - YEAH!!!  GO SPRING......


  1. Beth, You could not have gotten better sky! That is really gorgeous. What is the rest of the quilt going to be?

  2. One is a vernal pool with the reflection of the clouds in the pools and the other is "Where have all the flowers gone" with poppies in a field.

  3. That sky is beautiful! Great stamps as well. Can't wait to see how both quilts will develop further.


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