19 May 2010

On being SURE

I just started a new website (don't ask) and I had to write something on the home page - some incredibly wise, deeply philosophic comment on art and life. I came up with nada. So this is what I wrote and it seems to be my "lesson of the year". I am not really sure about why I want a website and that is good since most of my life I have been sure and found I was mistaken.
Truer words have not been spoken by me! I lived my life SURE and have found repeatedly that I was mistaken. This brings me to my Tuesday dyeing experience. I decided I wanted to do a gradation dyeing of blacks and purple to blues and blues to greens. First, I followed directions sort of. I forgot the amounts of dye were for half yards and I was doing fat quarters. Then I decided to just use basically double dye and get "vivid" colors. Well, after the meeting this morning, I came home to "open my presents" Everything looked black EXCEPT the blacks and they looked dull purply black. I'm SURE I've just wasted 5 yards of PFD fabric for nothing. I threw them in the front loader with synthrapol and HOT water and took my parents to the podiatrist in Bangor. When I got back I put the poor "rags" in the dryer. When I took them out I noticed the blue I mixed with the green for that gradation was much weaker than the green which kind of took over. I was SURE this was a TOTAL waste of time. I trudged up the stairs clutching the "gone wrong" fabrics in my claw and then started to iron. I guess I was mistaken AGAIN! Thank you Universe. Look what I ended up with.
I used the "left over" dye on this huge full yard.

 And this was a "clean up rag".

 When will I learn that I am usually mistaken about being sure?


  1. Could you tell me which color of black you used? I dyed over the weekend using Procion Jet Black, and everything turned out either blue-grey or just grey, even though I doubled up on the black dye power. Very disappointing, when I wanted it to be dark!


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