28 February 2010

OK three new posts

This is the last (for today)
This past week Rosalita and I made fish prints. It seems in some Asian country when fish are caught, they are dried off and paint is applied then a piece of fabric is put on the fish and pressed with the hands leaving the impression of the fish on the fabric. Now you can buy rubber fish which have been cast from the real thing. This print was done of a bass and the paint was starting to dry out so I wet the fabric, not that good of an idea, and the print came out too 2 dimensional. I just received an order of metallic and variegated threads so I decided to experiment with green and light golden yellow metallic thread. I kind of punched up the outline of the fish a bit then used some YLI variegated blue/turquoise/lavender thread to quilt the background - my version of water. I call this a save. I zigzagged the boarder and I'm done for the day. I promise.

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