10 December 2009

Loon Quilt

This is a new quilt I made. It is NOT an original design. Two and a half years ago, the weekend before I went to Florida to bring my parents up, I attended a quilt show in Augusta. I knew this would be my last great hurrah and I signed up for three days of classes. It was WONDERFUL. While there I bought a pattern and fabric from a vendor but never made the quilt because it seemed so daunting.
Well, we were expecting a snow storm AND I had a good book on CD so the two conspired and I gladly started and finished this quilt. Both Brian and my mother said, "Oh, that's nice". Not rave reviews. So I've decided to give it to Jane. I kind of like it myself which is unusual for me. I'm usually not satisfied with my projects. I think Jane will like it because I made it and it also will look lovely in her kitchen.

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