26 October 2009

Welcome to the future

I was thinking today while chauffeuring my parents to the doctors, bank and Chinese restaurant in Bangor, that I have tentatively stepped into a parallel universe of techno-wizardry. Having grown up with Howdy Doody , Annette and Mickey, I am now the proud owner of a internet business and now this blog thingie.
When did I cross that threshold? Yesterday morning I was just your ordinary run of the mill schlub checking her email and perusing a craft website when ==P O W== I was catapulted into blogdom.
My told my 88 year old parents about this shocking and spectacular arrival into the blogger world when they asked me, “Why do you blog?”
How do you explain a blog to people born just after WWI? What really is the purpose of a blog. I told them it was like an online diary. They said diaries were personal. I said I could share photos. They asked why. I said I could share random thoughts with friends and they couldn’t for the life of them understand why anyone would be remotely interested in my random thoughts.
I guess some things just defy description and why AM I doing this? I can’t even imagine why anyone would be interested in reading my random thoughts. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Actually I am having a ball. Maybe this will make more sense to me when I have more sense. Meantime I will try to corral some of my more lucid ideas and concepts and blog on.

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